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I know looking for a wedding photographer is a big deal, and I'm honored you're considering me. I would love to get to know you both and learn about your incredible love story – so why not take that first step? Shoot me a message using my contact form and let's get the conversation started!

To reduce the number of fake submissions, I have implemented a small quiz at the end of the form. I know that this is cumbersome, but I aim to provide the best possible service to my current and future clients, and this includes not wasting time with nonsense.

If you are a content marketer, SEO specialist or professional photo editor feeling the need to promote your services, be informed that I delete all unsolicited offers or advertisements without further notice, and without follow-up whatsoever. All other lovely people, singles, couples, families and people with a good soul are very welcome to contact me.

If you do not like contact forms, you can use plain old E-mail to get into touch. Be aware that the spam-algorithms are rather trigger happy so if your message sounds remotely like advertisement, it will be put into the bin.