Hellooo… I’m David!

I grew up in Trier, Germany and did not bother moving away. I am a lifestyle photographer who is in love with his job. What I love most about photography is that it brings joy to people of all ages, anywhere and anytime.

This is an ongoing journey and one of the many repeating goals is to learn new skills. The current website is focussing mainly on fashion/editorial/kinky stuff and serves as a place for projects that do not fit on the main commercial website of Kliewer Photography – for various reasons (one of them being that nude/semi-nude photographs should not mix with the more conservative photography).

One of the rules I am trying to impose on my creative being is to not get too inspired by other persons works. I know this is hardly possible because a lot is happening subconsciously and whenever we see something fashionable, it is recorded and archived in our brains. I am attempting to filter this stuff. Eventually I hope to overcome the barriers of rationale and create fashionable output that I am happy with. It’s an ongoing journey.

Feel free to contact me regarding your ideas for projects that you believe fit into this realm.

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